Submitting A Manuscript

As the publisher, Gratisbooks reserves the right to refuse to post texts that are deemed to be inimical to its best interests or offensive to readers in ways not acceptable to us. We do not intend to be a site for pornography or revolution by violent means! That doesn't mean that we will limit thought to any special persuasion in terms of economic or political system.

There is no requirement for authors to assign any print media publishing rights to Gratisbooks, but our services as a print publisher may be sought before or after your work is added to our lists. We require only the license from you to publish via the internet exclusively via our home page and the gratisbooks system. If you choose to give us first right of refusal for publishing rights in accordance with our standard contract, we will discount our regular storage rates.

Gratisbooks limits storage capacity to a size intended to accommodate most manuscripts with limited arrays of graphics. Photo intensive books will require extra space and related costs. Typical current download time constraints make it inadvisable to try to encourage 'browsers' or 'readers' when large download requirements make it impractical to try to reach readers in this manner.

If you wish to add your work to our system, please use the e-mail form provided here and tell us your requirements.The feedback should include category label, title, author, and a subject abstract of fifty words. Once this has been sent please send all manuscripts in a Microsoft Word or ASCII text format to All table of contents, prefaces, chapters, indexes should be marked with the manuscript with indentations or underlines for headers. We would appreciate it if you would send all images separately and note in the manuscript where they should be embedded.